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Breakfast On-The-Go

delicious looking breakfast with baked goods, fruits, and cheeses

Shake up your wake up!

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it's not always easy to fit it into your morning routine, especially when you’re travelling.

That’s why we’re introducing Breakfast On-The Go boxes at select Sandman locations at Vancouver Airport, Calgary Airport, Ottawa Airport, Langley, Red Deer and Sherwood Park. With three options to choose from, and priced at just $8, our boxes are a delicious, convenient and affordable way to kickstart your morning.

Whether you’re rushing to catch a flight, setting off on a family adventure or simply don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast, order ahead and allow us to make your guest experience seamless with Breakfast On-The Go.

To pre-order your Breakfast On-The Go box, simply choose the B&B option at the time of your reservation, or call or email the hotel in advance of your stay. You can also add it on when you check in at your hotel.

Then, simply collect your breakfast box in the morning from the hotel front desk and enjoy!


Guests can choose from the following selections:

Protein Breakfast Box

  • 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs + salt and pepper packs
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Fruit & Nut Granola Bar
  • Purple Grape Cluster

French Breakfast Box

  • Large Butter Croissant + a small pack of butter
  • 1 Hard-Boiled Egg
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Purple Grape Cluster

Yogurt Parfait Breakfast Box

  • Creamy Yogurt (7 oz portion)
  • Crunchy Granola
  • Mixed Berry Compote or Purple Grape Cluster

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