Things To Do In Castlegar

Sandman Hotel Castlegar is located within a rich mosaic of neighbourhoods and surrounding areas, each with a distinct, welcoming personality. We have compiled a list of useful information below to enhance your stay.

Chameleon Restaurant

If a chic, popular dining experience is what you crave, then look no further than 3.5 km down the road from Sandman Hotel Castlegar, and you’ll reach Chameleon Restaurant. It offers fine dining to happy hour and that bar and lounge vibe you want in the evening. This Castlegar hot spot is something to be experienced.

Whitewater Ski Resort

Dubbed Canada’s best powder mountain, Whitewater Ski Resort is an experience that can only be defined by you. Located in the Kootenay region of B.C., and not far from the comfort of Sandman Hotel Castlegar, get out to this legendary hill that has been offering up fresh tracks since 1976.

Red Mountain Ski Resort

When you find yourself at Sandman Hotel Castlegar, you just know that the one spot you’re going to make the 39 km drive to is the famous RED Mountain Ski Resort. With 3,850 acres of pristine powder and fun runs, you’ll want to find yourself in the top-10 terrain territory in North America.

Millennium Park

Whether you’re at Sandman Hotel Castlegar for business or leisure, you simply must make your way to the best destination in the area: Millennium Park. Just off the majestic Columbia River, this 56-acre park offers up just about every type of outdoor activity. From natural swimming ponds, walking trails and even sandcastle-building, there’s no shortage of things to do. There’s even a three-acre bike park! Now that’s fun.

Sculpture Walk

Did you know? Castlegar is known as the “Sculpture Capital of Canada.” True fact. Between May and October, take the Sculpturewalk through historic downtown. Located not too far from Sandman Hotel Castlegar, this annual exhibition sees submissions from local and international artists. So don’t just stand there like a statue; go check it out.

Zuckerberg Island Heritage Park

When here, take a short walk from Sandman Hotel Castlegar and discover the 20 acres of lush grounds and pathways that make up Zuckerberg Island Heritage Park. Its namesake, Alexander Zuckerberg, settled on the island in the Columbia River in the 1930s. He was a teacher and a civil engineer. The Russian-born artist is most famous in this area for building the iconic and perfectly preserved Chapel House.

Doukhobor Heritage Museum

You’re in for a treat of history when you learn that Castlegar is known the world over as one of the few places to have meticulously documented the Doukhobor culture. In fact, it still thrives in the city today. Just 5 km from Sandman Hotel Castlegar is the Doukhobor Heritage Museum. Be sure you check it out and learn more about this unique culture.

CPR Station Museum

When you find yourself in the West Kootenay city of Castlegar, you’re in an area steeped in railway history. There’s even the famous CPR Station Museum (nicknamed “Railway Museum”) just 5 km from Sandman Hotel Castlegar. Make sure you punch your ticket to ride at this unique venue.