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When you stay at Sandman Inn McBride, our variety of amenities will give you that home away from home feeling, including suites with full kitchens, and so much more during your stay in McBride.

Check out our Amenity Tracker (updated weekly) to see the amenities we offer at all of our hotels.


Free WiFi

Don’t worry, with high-speed Internet and unlimited WiFi access, Sandman always keeps you connected. 

Pet-Friendly Hotel

Did you know? Every Sandman hotel offers pet-friendly rooms. That’s sweet. 

Free Overnight Parking

Free overnight parking at most Sandman destinations. No, you’re not seeing things. 

 Face Masks Required

 Free Wi-Fi

 24-Hour Front Desk

Free Parking

 Pets Allowed in Select Rooms

 On-site Restaurants

 On-Site Parking