dartmouth hotel rooms


When you stay at Sandman Signature Dartmouth Hotel & Suites, our variety of amenities will give you that home away from home feeling, including suites with full kitchens, and so much more during your stay in Dartmouth. 


Free Wi-Fi

Don’t worry, with high-speed Internet and unlimited Wi-Fi access, Sandman always keeps you connected.

Fitness Centre - Coming Soon

No need to skip your workout. Get in your gym time at our fitness centre.  

Indoor Pool - Coming Soon

No matter the season, don’t forget your bathing suit. There’s always time for swimming in the indoor pool at Sandman.

Pet-Friendly Hotel

Did you know? Every Sandman hotel offers pet-friendly rooms. That’s sweet.

Free Overnight Parking

Free overnight parking at most Sandman destinations. No, you’re not seeing things.

 24-Hour Front Desk

 Free Wi-Fi

 Free Parking

 Pets Allowed in Select Rooms

 Smoke-Free Property

 Wheelchair Accessible

 Meeting Rooms (Coming Soon)

 Fitness Centre (Coming Soon)

 Indoor Pool (Coming Soon)

 Denny's Restaurant (Coming Soon)