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Things To Do In Downtown Vancouver

Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtownis located in downtown Vancouver surrounded by an abundance of things to do and see. To enhance your stay, we have compiled a local guide of nearby attractions and activities to thrill every member of your family.

FlyOver Canada

It’s time for you to fly across Canada. Literally. Located only 1.2 km from Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown. Visit FlyOver Canada and get the exhilarating feeling of flight as you are suspended in their state-of-the-art immersive experience, including wind effects, mists and scents as you watch the sights of Canada on their 20-metre spherical screen.


It doesn’t get much better than when you stay in the heart of the city at Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown. You’re close to many incredible and popular spots, including Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood: Gastown. Founded in 1867 by John “Gassy Jack” Deighton, he would kick-start this growing area after first setting up a tavern here. These days, you’ll discover the fashion scene of Vancouver. Be sure to take note of the Victorian-era influences throughout the neighbourhood, which runs north of the downtown Vancouver peninsula, from Richards east to Main Street and south to Hastings Street.


Vancouver’s Chinatown dates all the way back to the late 1890s. And, it’s North America’s third-largest Chinatown district after major American cities San Francisco and New York City. Lucky for you, Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown is just a kilometre away. So you’re extremely close to experiencing all that Chinatown has to offer, including the vast amount of restaurants, but also specialty stores, historic and architecturally stunning buildings, and more.

Harbour Cruises & Events

If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind panoramic view of the Vancouver skyline, surrounding coastal mountains, famous landmarks, and more, then Harbour Cruises & Events is where you’ll want to be. Board one of their ships, and you’ll enjoy a narrated tour of the inner harbour of the city. Complete with views and background on many area landmarks, and just nine minutes from Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown.

Steveston Seabreeze Adventures

Get ready to see some whales and other incredible sea life. Make your way to Steveston Seabreeze Adventures, just 37 minutes from Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown, and head out on a whale watching and marine life fully-guided tour.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Steeped in history, Vancouver Art Gallery, which was founded in 1931, features the Institute of Asian Art, which showcases First Nations artists in the region. There are more than 12,000 pieces here, including many works by famed Canadian artist, Emily Carr. You must put this iconic venue in your itinerary. It’s so close, at just an 11-minute walk or 4-minute drive from Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden

The first park of its kind to be built outside of China, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is a “scholar's” garden, or ming-style dynasty garden home, and is one of Vancouver’s top attractions. Make your way 1.5 km from the doors of Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown, and take a guided tour, or check out a public festival, exhibition or concert.

Museum of Anthropology

If you can, find time to head out to the Museum of Anthropology, just 12 km from Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown on the grounds of the University of British Columbia. This is a spot where great emphasis is put on the cultures and arts of First Nations peoples, as well as various cultural communities in the province. Come visit and learn about cultural heritage and showcasing priceless pieces from South Pacific, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and around the world.

English Bay

Located just 12 km from the doors of Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown, is English Bay, a quick 1 km walk away. You’re going to absolutely love how much there is to see and do here, in one of Vancouver’s historic and iconic gathering spots. English Bay has been going strong for over 100 years. It’s host to many festivals, attractions, and other special events, including the world’s largest polar bear swim in the winter. In warmer months, swim in the ocean, sunbathe at the beach, walk along the English Bay Seawall, or take in a patio at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Stanley Park

When you stay with us at Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown, one of the spots we will recommend for you to see is historic and popular Stanley Park. Located only 2.3 km from the hotel, you can easily make your way to one of the most stunning parks in the city, with over 988 acres of West Coast rainforest and its iconic Vancouver Seawall. Take a run, walk or bike on this incredible pathway, and get some of the best views of the city, as well as the majestic Pacific Ocean. One of the biggest sights to see up close are the First Nations Totem Poles at Brockton Point. Quite frankly, the list of things to do at Stanley park is too long to list here. You must see for yourself.

Granville Island

When you want to head out and explore more of what Vancouver has in store for you, make your way under the Granville Bridge to popular Granville Island. Once there, you’ll have your pick of things to do. Not to be missed is the Granville Island Public Market, featuring craft studios, theatres and artisan workshops. Discover all the boutique stores, specialty shops, outdoor outfitters and unique crafts, too. All of this and so much more, just 3.8 km from Sandman Hotel Vancouver Downtown.